Dan Wadleigh
Dan WadleighPresident / Owner

Meet the President

Family Owned.  Veteran Owned.  Locally Owned.

Hi I’m Dan Wadleigh the President & Owner of Blue Lobster Media. I am not a “ninja“, “guru” or self-proclaimed “expert“. I simply help people navigate the web seas successfully to build their business.  Note: though Google does rank me as the “coolest guy in Arvada“.

My interest for all things web stretches back to the days of Prodigy dial-up circa 1993, checking sports scores & basketball polls online. And my first “real” project was redesigning my college’s athletic website back in 1999. I’ve been hooked on the use and effectiveness of online marketing ever since.

I started Blue Lobster Media having spoken with many businesses desiring to get online, but, not knowing how. Or even worse, thinking they just need a “website” or a Facebook page but have seen no returns. So, if you’re lost in those web seas, or just know you can do more to build your business, then I encourage you to connect with me today.

Why “Blue Lobster”?

Blue Lobster Marketing - Small Business Web Marketing, Social Media & SEO

Blue Lobster Media is a veteran owned business committed to helping other businesses get on the web successfully, learn internet and social media marketing practically, and build their business by working smarter.  Founded not far from the coastline of Maine, and now firmly planted in the Denver Metro region (Arvada, CO).

It’s reported** that an estimated 1 out of every 2-5 million lobsters caught are blue. A Blue Lobster is very real, unique and worthy of attention, worthy of remarks. This site provides the tools (blog posts, podcasts, videos) for real businesses to show online how remarkable they are.

You’re either a Blue Lobster business or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Let us help you in your choice to be a Blue Lobster – a remarkable “1 in a million” business!

Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!Proud veteran of the US Marine Corps - 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, Fox Company ... Oorah!