HostGator - Web HostingWhen looking for a web host the landscape can be challenging as there are so many options available.  And to be honest, there are many good hosts out there, which can make it difficult to narrow options down.  Having used many different web hosting options over the years, here are some key features to look for when making your selection.  It’s good to remember you are looking for the best package to park your company site on.

  • Cost
    This is one of those competitive options that some companies will emphasize as their key selling point.  And while you should easily be able to find a very affordable package, the “cheapest” rate is not always the best.
  • Reliability
    Most web hosting companies will list their guaranteed uptimes, usually 99.9% or so.  A quick check to see how this is performing is to check their Twitter account or Support page for activity.
  • Features
    The number and variety of features you need may vary depending on the site requirements.  But, most web hosts will offer some variation of a 1-Click install of applications (WordPress etc.).  1-Click install options are very convenient!
  • Performance
    This one is different than reliability in that your site could be “up” but performing very slowly.  This is one of the key features that have helped me narrow down my personal selections over time.  As I run, and strongly recommend, WordPress I have found several just don’t serve up the website running on WordPress in an acceptable time.
  • Support
    This is the other key feature that has helped me to narrow down my own selections.  As note previously, I want to let the experts remain the experts.  And tech support is just one of those areas.  If a company has responsive support, that can mean the difference in your site being down half a day, or getting fixed within 30 minutes.

At the end of the day, your goal is to simply have a website or blog that can be reached by customers when they go looking for it.  And given that glitches can happen, what type of responsiveness does the company offer in order to get you back online ASAP.   I personally found my current web host through word of mouth marketing.  And later confirmed through personal testing.  You may employ the same approach over time for your site/blog.  Enjoy the party!

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Dan Wadleigh