HostGator - Web HostingWhen it comes to joining your website to the internet party, some may ask if they even need to pay for web hosting.  Here’s a brief list of reasons “Why?” every website  and blog owner needs a (web) host for their party:

  • Put Files Online
    To get your website or blog posted online, all of the files including text and images need to located somewhere.  This somewhere can either be your computer or another persons.  See next …
  • Hardware/Software
    This is the answer to where you’re going to put your files to then be seen online.  They need to be on a special computer called a server that, well, “serves” them up when requested.  And it’s the special software, web server software, that actual does the responding to requests for your site/blog.
  • Internet Available
    Now the obvious next logical step is that your files, sitting on some hardware, getting served up by software, needs to be connected by an access point to the internet.
  • Party Membership
    It should be noted that to be “invited” to this internet party you will need to have a membership on a monthly or annual basis, i.e. a web hosting account.

At this point it should be fairly clear that to join your website or blog to the internet party a few things need to happen initially and on a continuing basis.  And while you can attempt to host your website on your own computer it’s likely that you will want to just let the expert hosts do just that, be the hosts.  That way you don’t have to worry about security and uptime just to start.  Let the experts be the experts and just enjoy the party!

HostGator - Web Hosting

Dan Wadleigh